01 April 2014



(For music ministers)

It’s virtually every music minister’s wish to have opportunities and platforms to share their gifts and grace with other believers a part from ministering unto God in their secret places. But I have found out that seeking platforms to express one’s self could easily become the focus and this in itself is a misplacement of priority and a loss of focus. Jesus must be the focus. It is as we seek after Him, love Him, and minister to Him that He begins to create the platforms for us to share that which has transpired with Him in private – Just the way a husband meets his wife in private, but the pregnancy becomes public knowledge as well as the child born.

But after the doors begin to open, wisdom and discretion or the lack of these two, may determine to a large extent if the doors stay open and others open.

For example, the ability to discern the spirit of a place is key. And by this I don’t mean identifying the kind of spirit at work. I mean understanding the flow in the House. For instance, I go to some places and there’s such liberty given to the minister to flow as led. At other places, you are not. You must abide by the stipulated time and brief given.

Some ministers miss this point. They just go on and on. Even when a pastor is literally standing by them to carry them off stage. They tell you, “The Spirit just took control”. Well, the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet meaning you still have control. The Holy Spirit is such a gentle and courteous Spirit. He doesn’t impose His will on Us and only works with Us to the extent that we allow Him. I know some places don’t understand and indeed stifle the move of the Spirit, but it’s not to us to hijack their plans and service templates.

So when you are given a time to minister, stick to it. You never know, they may come asking you to carry on seeing the effect of a Holy Spirit led worship. But if they don’t , JUST STOP !

I’ve been in some places where they practically frowned at an attempt to follow the river of the Spirit. They want you to stick to the brief and give a beautifully scripted presentation. What I’ve learnt is to obey. But then I’m at liberty to decline future invitations or accept if I’m not a fit to the style and flow of the house.

But generally speaking, we must be sensitive enough to know which is which. In fact, it might be safer to always stop when the time is up and adhere to the brief given. Because at the end of the day, this might just determine if you are re-invited and other doors opening.

So if you find your self going on and on, and you can’t stop, try this… gently drop the microphone and walk down before the holy police bundle you off the stage!

Good morning. And have a fantastic April ahead. God bless you dear.

Wonderful Wonder (feat. Lovesong) // Nathaniel Bassey - This God is too Giid
  1. Wonderful Wonder (feat. Lovesong) // Nathaniel Bassey - This God is too Giid