02 April 2014



I can almost hear the question bubble in your minds; reading this title. ” What on earth has worship got to do with flying a plane?”. Anyway, you need not think too far. Pilots would tell you that there are two challenging areas in flying, apart from managing marginal weather conditions (icing, thunderstorms, down bursts, wind shear, and the like); the “Take offs” and “Landings”. However, for the purpose of this article, I would focus on the landing aspect.

When approaching your destination in the air, it is not uncommon to hear things like “We have commenced our descent to…., please return to your seats, stow up your tray tables and switch off all electronic sets “. Shortly after, the plane begins to descend slowly and would take, normally, about 10mins from the time of announcement till the plane lands finally.


I have discovered that leading worship is similar to flying an air plane in a sense. Getting started can be a little challenging, but having gained a considerable height, you then begin to cruise. At that point, you seem to flow with the current. It is smooth and nice up there untill you begin to make your descent.

Have you ever experienced a time of worship when you were just enjoying God’s presence and truly knowing the joy that comes with ministering to him, when suddenly something happened and before you knew it, the flow was broken, and the connection – lost, and you thought, what in the world just happened ??? Now, this is precisely where I’m going. I am sure we are familiar with that part of worship when someone, say a pastor or minister, comes to wind down the session. If you are like me, you may have notice a few times when, in the midst of a great time of worship, a voice barges in to sing or speak. It may come in the form of a song, some..” Aaaaaaameeeeen”, “in Jesuuuuus name we have worshiiiiiped”, or “Haaallelujah, please take your seats”. And you are like…”Helloooooo?” What’s going on here? If your aircraft has ever dropped from a very high altitude to a frightening low one suddenly and unexpectedly, you would agree that the feeling can be compared to that unfortunate interruption in worship. So what’s the point here? We must understand that those who come to bring our worship sessions to a close are as important as those who lead them.

Truth of the matter is that God looks at the heart no doubt, and that the quality of one’s voice is not so much an issue so long as the heart is right, but we must realize that there are other people involved in the worship session and that a harsh, uncultured, and sometimes out-of-tune voice can easily drop the altitude of a great worship. And like Paul, our meat should not cause others to stumble. I’m are not saying do not sing, exhort or exalt, but if you must do the following, they must be inspired by the Spirit and in most cases, in line with the sound already established in the house.

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles…” (Isaiah 40:31). To wait on God is also to minister to Him. Worship is one of such ways. I have heard that eagles don’t fly in that sense of the word. They soar and ride on the current of the wind. I believe we do the same in worship. We must ride and flow with the current. A great song on a good day can easily become a terrible one at the wrong time. I would suggest that the praise-worship leaders themselves do the landing or else if a pastor or minister must do so, they should be familiar with the flow. Just like the aircraft prepares for landing, we must also prepare by flowing with the current, sing along, gently; with reverence and passion, exalt the name of our Lord and if the Spirit wills, introduce a song, and then quietly ensure a smooth and safely landing. People hear from God, are healed, delivered and restored during worship, hence the need for utmost care and caution as we navigate in worship. I hope this has been enlightening and a blessing. Please feel free to add your views and comments. Enjoy God!!!

Wonderful Wonder (feat. Lovesong) // Nathaniel Bassey - This God is too Giid
  1. Wonderful Wonder (feat. Lovesong) // Nathaniel Bassey - This God is too Giid